Questions needed for a database in ecology

Lev Yampolsky lyy1 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 30 12:50:39 EST 1994

	Dear  netters,
	I am involved into creating a  database "Ecology in Questions and
Answers". The database will be high school and non-biology college
oriented. The idea is to create a collection of good questions that can't
be found in general textbooks and that are different from just textbook
phrases put into the interrogative mode.  
	If you have any good thoughtful questions you use in your teaching or that
 come out of your research or environment protection practices  I would
greatly  appreciate if you share it with us.  Please e-mail  it to me
<lyy1 at cornell.edu>  or send by mail (L.Yampolsky, Section of Ecology and
Systematics, Corson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853).
	The project is Russian-based and Russian funded; so currently the language
of the database is Russian. Eventually we'll produce an English version. 
We were also originally planning for a wider database "Biology in Qs  and
As", but the funds go so far only for ecology. 
	We include both essay-type and multiple choice questions;  the former
preferred. There is a particular need in practical questions dealing with 
real environmental problems or contradictions, particularly those that give
an example of a solution of the problem.
	If you are interested in contributing, please send your questions,
preferably with a short answer and the information on the author  or copy
right holder of the question (if any) and on the experience in using the
question in teaching. 
	All contributions will be acknowledged in the database. Large
contributions may be (very modestly) paid for.
	Thank you very much in advance.

Lev Yampolsky
Section of Ecology and Systematics
Cornell University

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