color plots with RIBBON?

Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 29 13:27:43 EST 1994

>>>>> In article <3a83hg$dle at news.univ-rennes1.fr>, moreaut at univ-tours.fr writes:

 > dear bionet'ers
 > I use the RIBBON soft of John Priestle to generate drawings of protein
 > structures (postcript files). However I would like to have color plots

I think it would be easy to change the PostScript backend in pltout to
produce colo(u)r PostScript from the shading information in the
postplot file; I think the HPGL one already does colour if you have a
HPGL plotter or HPGL to PostScript converter.  Certainly the old stuff
in the CCP4 distribution produced colour plots.

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