[Q] Macintosh in Laboratory and LIMS (ISO 9000)

Wolf Dieter Brandt brandt at physik3.gwdg.de
Tue Nov 29 05:58:53 EST 1994

We will buy new computers and new instruments for our lab

Normally each instrument has it's own computer system. Not of the
same type, of course. You can find Macintosh, DOS/WinDOS, Sun Unix ...

To make it more complicated all data from all the instruments has to
be collected in one LIMS-database (lab. information management system)
for ISO 9000 quality management.

I need information about all types of LIMS available, information about
software to connect the clients with this LIMS.

We would like to use Macintosh computers with each instrument, a UNIX
machine for the LIMS (or a mac if possible).

Has anyone experience with this problems?

Thanks in advance,

Wolf Dieter Brandt  (please use email)

III. Physikalisches Institut
Buergerstrasse 42-44
D-37075 Goettingen
Phone: (+49) 551 397731
FAX:   (+49) 551 397720

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