Mac or PC: the results of the poll

Patrice DEHAIS dehais at next9.lirmm.fr
Tue Nov 29 11:25:05 EST 1994

In fact, I've received more mails about Mac than PC. There are two  
possible explanations for that:
- PC owner are so sure that PC is the best solution, they consider that  
the choice between PC and MAC is not a problem and it wasn't necessary  
to answer to my message.
- PC owner don't read the news. Perhaps it's not so easy on PC ?

 We can summarize these mails as follow:
+ There are as many softwares in genetics for Mac as for PC (and perhaps  
more if we consider some messages in the news from PC owner looking for  
softwares they know available for Mac but not for PC).
+ Mac seams to be the geneticists's preferred machine.

+ Mac seams to be easier to maintain and to use than PC.
+ It seams easier to integrate Mac in a UNIX network than PC
+ Now the price of Mac is equivalent to the price of PC for a same  
+ new version of PowerPC if more powerful than Pentium (furthermore if  
we take into account their respective operating system).
+ PowerMac running AUX are as powerful as little UNIX workstations for  
the same price (and we can run Mac software under UNIX session).
- 68040 is no longer built, so new software products will be for  
- Mac LC 475 and 630 will disappear
+ Most of old 68040 based software will still run under PowerMac
+ Mac LC 475 and 630 can be upgraded to PowerMac
+ Apple, IBM and Motorola are working on a low level operating system  
(AIM which replace WOS). It would be possible to run AIX, System 7, DOS,  
Windows and OS2 on the same machine based on PowerPC.
+ IBM seams now to be closer to Apple than to Microsoft.

Finally, I was no sure for the two first points. All other points were  
just confirmations for me. So my choice will be for Mac. Now I've to  
convince the other members of my staff.


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