DNA Workbench for X-windows

Victor Lua~na pueyo at pinon.ccu.uniovi.es
Mon Nov 28 10:35:34 EST 1994

> from David Mathog at Division of Biolgy, CALTECH:
> (responding to)
> >>Doesn't really matter, but Fortran is being unbundled and I don't know
> >>if Linux has a fortran compiler.

A GNU real f77 compiler is being beta tested, althougth I don't know if it
will be publicly released soon. In thhe meantime you can use the f2c
translator + the gcc compiler to work with f77 codes on Linux. I have
been compiling and developing codes at home for the last year and it
really works well. The only problem is that using the gdb debugger with
this indirect route is really painful. Of course, the translation done by
f2c for dealing with multidimensional matrices is rather inefficient and
a significant improvement on performance should be expected when the
real f77 compiler would be ready.

                  Victor Lua~na

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