Digital Imaging Software and Hardware

Brad Doble umdoble at mail.cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Nov 25 11:01:43 EST 1994

Our lab currently has a microscope equipped with a CCD colour video camera
and colour monitor.   We would like to store images (videocassette
recorder?) and then analyze them using a computer (we currently have a
computer with a 66 MHz 486 processor, 8 Megabytes RAM, 250 MB hard drive,
and a standard svga graphics card).   What additional hardware (RAM,
graphics cards, hard disk space, etc.) is required, and what good software
programs are currently in use to analyze image data?  The types of
analyses we would like to do include: i) counting labelled or stained
cells vs. control cells ;  ii) measuring the intensity of fluorescent
markers; iii) determing morphometric values; etc.   The purchase of
another computer may be possible with our budget so please don't hesitate
to describe setups with Macintoshes if you feel they are best for the task
at hand.   Also, I would like to have an idea of the cost of the hardware
and software required.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

                              Thanks in advance,

                              Brad Doble

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