Mika Paavola mpaavola at birch.hut.fi
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One possible solution for your problem is to install
Linux into your PC. Linux is an operating system
similar to UNIX, but it is designed for PC
processor. It's freeware and available via ftp.

Actually, you don't need whole operating system
but only small part of it, if you gonna run X.
We have a guy in our lab who has made a small Linux
package just to run X-window in PC. Package fits into
two 1.44 Mb diskettes. 

I've been using X via PC and it's working just fine.
It's so good you must think twice before you gonna
buy a X-terminal, because with the same money you
can have a good PC (you need network card in it, of course),
which you can use to run X, also. But you can't run (at least
properly) PC-programs on your X-terminal.

I don't master Linux, I just use it. For an user, Linux
looks the same as Unix, it just runs in PC. 
You can find out more details and answers from a Linux 

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