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Patricia Rodriguez-Tome tome at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Nov 24 12:52:48 EST 1994

The Release 3.0 of the BioCatalog (a collection of information of software of
general interest in Biology) is now at the EBI at the following addresses :

FTP server : ftp.ebi.ac.uk     Directory: /pub/databases/bio_catal

WWW server : http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocat/biocat.html

This new release includes a new domain : molecular modelling and graphics
The others areas are : sequence (dna & proteins) analysis, phylogeny, genetic,

========================= The BioCatalog ============================

Since 1993, Genethon and the CEPH-Fondation-Jean-Dausset with the
support of the RESIG project (Networks of computer servers for Genomes)
and a grant from the GREG (Groupement pour la Recherche et l'Etude des
Genomes) have been collecting a software directory of general interest
in molecular biology and genetics, and distributing it on the Internet.

In the long run, such a directory ought to contain most of
the existing programmes (from  academic, processing servers to
commercial programmes), with some emphasis on network-oriented
multi-user environments (eg UNIX, VAX/VMS).

The EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute - an EMBL outstation) has
decided to support this initiative by taking care of the making of the
catalog - as a collaborative project in Europe - and its distribution.
We would like to thank the computing group of Genethon and Dominique Caterina
from CEPH, instigators of this project, for their contribution.

This directory cannot  be up-to-date without the help of the biocomputing
community, that is to say the programme authors, archive adminsitrators
and end-users.

Thus, any corrections, comments and announcements of new software would
be mostly welcome at the following addresses :

 Email: Patricia.Rodriguez-Tome at ebi.ac.uk

 Web page (preferred but it will work only if your browser support forms) : 
 http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocat/biocat_form.html for new entries, and 
 http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocat/biocatcorr_form.html for corrections. 

 Smail: Dr. Patricia Rodriguez-Tome
        The European Bioinformatics Institute
        Hinxton Hall, Hinxton
        Cambridge CB10 1RQ

Subsequently, other areas will be taken into account, but where does
molecular biology  stop ? 

Dr. Patricia Rodriguez-Tome		| Email:tome at ebi.ac.uk
EBI - European Bioinformatics Institute	| URL:	http://www.ebi.ac.uk
Hinxton Hall, Hinxton			| Tel:	+44 (0)223 494 413
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