Plasmid maps on Mac

Carl Lawyer clawyer at SIUMED.EDU
Thu Nov 24 10:10:39 EST 1994

At  9:16 AM 11/24/94 +0000, Christoph Weber wrote:
>Dear Netters,
>I am posting this on behalf of our molecular biologists. If it's a FAQ,
>please tell me.
>Currently, we use Plasmid Artist on our Macs to generate publication
>quality plasmid maps (circular and linear), but many of our users
>are quite unhappy.
>First, the output is not really publication quality by todays standards.
>Second, the annotation options leave much to be desired, especially with
>regard to positioning.
>And third, we have found no way of importing GCG seqeunce files.
>So my question:
>What do you use and recommend?
>Are there any PD packages that we should look at?
>What commercial packages are useful?
>I'd welcome any and all input (including company hype ;-)
>It may be that our people should just RTFM. If so, this info would be welcome
>Many thanks in advance,
>Christoph Weber                     email: cweber at oci.unizh.ch
>OCI  Uni Zurich                     phone: +41 1 257 4925
>Winterthurerstr. 190                FAX:   +41 1 361 9895
>CH-8057 Zurich,  Switzerland

reply from C. Lawyer
DNASTAR's program lasergene includes a module 'Mapdraw' that does high
quality plasmid maps.

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