Need way to read HP disks on a PC

Peter Raabye praabye at login.dknet.dk
Thu Nov 24 12:07:52 EST 1994

fintan_v at Msu.oscs.montana.edu writes:

>Hi there,

>Does anyone know of a (cheap) program that we can instal on a PC, which will
>allow us to read HP formatted disks. We would like to be able to take data from
>our HPLC workstations, put it onto the PC, and use some non-linear curve
>fitting programs we have.

>HP used to sell a program that did this, but no longer do. We have seen one
>other source for such a program, but they wanted 500 US dollars!!

>Any help or advice would be appreciated.

>Thanks in advance.

I don't know if this is the problem I solved for a customer some time ago.
Is the format something new, or is it the same thing they used on their
data capture machines way back 10 years?

If it is the same, the clue is that they used a UCSD p-system format, to
which I wrote a dedicated program for a customer.

I can provide you with some tips - if it is - which will allow you to
program it yourself - for free. But my entire source will probably cost
close to the mentioned 500$ + applicable taxes etc.

Peter Raabye (praabye at login.dknet.dk)

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