Plasmid maps on Mac

Christoph Weber cweber at oci.unizh.ch
Thu Nov 24 04:16:23 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

I am posting this on behalf of our molecular biologists. If it's a FAQ,
please tell me.
Currently, we use Plasmid Artist on our Macs to generate publication
quality plasmid maps (circular and linear), but many of our users
are quite unhappy.
First, the output is not really publication quality by todays standards.
Second, the annotation options leave much to be desired, especially with 
regard to positioning.
And third, we have found no way of importing GCG seqeunce files.

So my question:
What do you use and recommend?
Are there any PD packages that we should look at?
What commercial packages are useful?
I'd welcome any and all input (including company hype ;-)
It may be that our people should just RTFM. If so, this info would be welcome

Many thanks in advance,
Christoph Weber                     email: cweber at oci.unizh.ch
OCI  Uni Zurich                     phone: +41 1 257 4925
Winterthurerstr. 190                FAX:   +41 1 361 9895
CH-8057 Zurich,  Switzerland

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