biblio and soft search in ecotoxicology

Serge Stinckwich stinckwi at lgis.univ-savoie.fr
Thu Nov 24 03:26:17 EST 1994

I post the enclosed message for a friend. Please send any replies to me by
email, because he has no email access and don't read the news. Thanks 

i'm a Phd student in Ecotoxicology (Environment technology) at the University
of Savoie (France).
As part of my research , i must complete a
bibliographical search. I have read information about simulated programs for
model in the book "Ecological Microcosms by Robert J. Beyers and Howard
T. Odum : Springer-Verlag, 1993". I'm particulary interested in discovering
the models in that book. Where can i find (ftp server, WWW ?) the simple
simulation programs available from : Center for Wetlands, Phelps Lab,
University of Florida, Gainesvilles, FL. 32611, USA.
Could tou please help me to find these informations and also the email of the
Thank you very much,
-- Rahmadi Yosowidagdo
-- Serge Stinckwich
Laboratoire de Genie Informatique de Savoie
Universite de Savoie - Campus Scientifique
73376 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex - FRANCE

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