PC Bird Banding Programs Available

Paul Geissler Geissler at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 23 13:24:32 EST 1994

We have written and are distributing two PC computer programs to make it 
easier to work with banding data.  They are available by anonymous ftp 
from ftp.its.nbs.gov or by request from PowellB at mail.fws.gov (B.H. 
Powell 301-497-5782) or GeisslerP at mail.fws.gov (Paul Geissler 

The Banding Operations Database (band-ops.exe, self-extracting 
file) supports banding operations by automating many record keeping 
requirements.  The program was written by B. H. Powell to maintain band 
inventories, enter and check banding data, print banding schedules, 
report accomplishments and manage encounter data.  Data from banding 
operations at several sites can be merged.  Information on previously  
banded birds is easily available.  Banding files from nearby sites can 
be included to provide information on recaptures.  Although it is not a 
product of  the Bird Banding Laboratory, they will accept the printed 
schedules generated by the program.  B.H. developed the program to help 
him with his banding operation and has shared it with others.  Many 
banders have used it in the field for 2 seasons and have found this menu 
driven program to be very useful and easy to use.  A 29-page users 
manual is available.

The Band Analysis System (bandzip.exe self-extracting file) is a tool 
for those who analyze banding data.  The program is menu driven and 
allows users to select options with a mouse.  It selects banding and 
recovery records based on the species, age, sex, banding and recovery 
dates and locations and permit numbers as well as on codes for 
condition, status, how obtained and who and why reported.  The data may 
be summarized and customized reports may be produced with the number of 
birds banded and recovered by any combination of species, age, sex, 
banding and recovery state or area and month or period. Direct reporting 
rates and proportional distribution of birds to recovery areas are 
provided.  Survival and reporting rates can be estimated through an 
interface to the MULT program, which includes ESTIMATE and BROWNIE 
estimates.  Maps of banding and recovery locations and maps of the 
numbers of birds banded and recovered by state can be produced with 
third party mapping packages and the data files output by this program. 
 The program was written by Paul Geissler and is at the alpha 
development stage, with emphasis on developing useful features.  


Paul H. Geissler
National Ecological Surveys Team
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National Biological Survey
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