Tim Cutts tjrc1 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 23 04:05:13 EST 1994

tomas.johansson at biokem.su.se (Tomas Johansson) writes:

>Is there anyone how knows if there is a free software to emulate X-windows
>on a PC running Windows for Workgroups and Winsock. We just received the
>GCG Software pack v8 running in UNIX which I would like to use with all its 
>new features.

>Sincerely, Tomas

I don't think there is a free X server for Windows, but there is a
free X server for the PC (and it's a lot faster than a Windows server,
too).  Try running genuine X, under one of the free unix systems,
either Linux of FreeBSD.

I use Linux for precisely this purpose (also as a WWW and ftp server),
and it works beautifully and cost nothing but about 60Mb of hard disk
space.  Can you spare that?

It's a bit of a pig to set up, but there are plenty of documents to
help you on the Internet, and once you've done it it works really
well.  You might need to get your local Unix guru to give you a hand.

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