Mirek Cygler Mirek.Cygler at BRI.NRC.CA
Tue Nov 22 22:00:53 EST 1994

	For some time we are experimenting with various ways of making color 
slides using slidemakers. While the figures prepared on the Mac or PC pose
no problems, the pictures prepared on SGI workstations with programs like
Molscript or Raster3d do not come out right. Until now we have been creating
these picture as rgb files, converting them to tiff format, transferring tiff 
files to a Macintosh and used COMPOSER to display them and transfer to an AGFA 
slidemaker attached to the Mac. We have found this process rather cumbersome
and we are not happy with the final product. The colors on the slides come 
quite different from what we see on the screen and the slides are always too
	I wonder what hardware and software is being used in various labs 
to get good quality slides from files produced by Molscript, Raster3d, etc.
Does anybody use slidemaker that is hooked-up directly to the SGI workstation?
That would be the preferred option for us.
	Your comments on the model of the slidemaker you are using (and 
possibly its approximate price) and the software that interacts with the 
slidemakes will be greatly appreciated.
					Mirek Cygler
					mirek.cygler at bri.nrc.ca

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