Iterative Scatchard Analysis

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Nov 22 07:39:54 EST 1994

Does anyone out there in the ether happen to know if there is any soft-
ware for performing iterative curve-fit analyses on Scatchard plots?
That is, resolving curvilinear plots into two component linear equations
and subtracting one equation from another in an iterative manner.
The software may be disguised a software for calculating rates of chemical
reactions for a substrate acted on by two enzymes since the equation
governing rates of reaction is similar to that governing ligand binding,

I know that there is a reference from 1975 by a fellow named Spears who
cites software held in an archive at York, England but it is in a very
strange language.  I would really like it to run as Mac, Windows or DOS.
The problem with Spears software is that it was clearly written prior
to a key paper by Mendel & Mendel which outlines carefully, the rules 
and regs. regarding iterative analysis.

Any help by Email or to this newsgroup would be much appreciated.

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