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In article <1994Nov22.142022.2232 at nomina.lu.se>,
Tomas Johansson <tomas.johansson at biokem.su.se> wrote:
>Is there anyone how knows if there is a free software to emulate X-windows
>on a PC running Windows for Workgroups and Winsock. We just received the
>GCG Software pack v8 running in UNIX which I would like to use with all its 
>new features.
>Sincerely, Tomas


If you're running Winsock, you may want to take a look at Starnet's
Xwin package.  It is very reasonably priced (around Can$100) and very
stable.  A free demo version, which is fully functional is available
by anonymous ftp from ftp.cica.indiana.edu /pc/win3/demo as
xwindemo.zip.  The demo has a restriction that only one copy per
subnet can be run at a time.

If you like it, dick at starnet.com would be pleased to help you with
purchasing details.  They have a nice DOS-based X-server also

Disclaimer: I have no association with Starnet, I just like their
program and their style... they answered my questions about their
demo, before I bought a copy.


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