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Matthias Wjst wjst at gsf.de
Tue Nov 22 09:34:00 EST 1994

In Article <CzH9wq.A64 at serval.net.wsu.edu> "payvarf at wpogate.slu.edu" says:
> Would appreciate if some one could help us identify an IBM PC software 
> (commercial or otherwise) for quantitation of scanned autorad images. We are 
> aware that NIH distributes related mac software but are there any for IBM 
> PC/windows 3.1?  We also know of at least one program for PC (bandleader) which 
> which generates profiles of scanned bands in a lane but unfortunately does not 
> integrate the peak areas.  Please mail your response directly to 
> payvarf at wpogate.slu.edu. Thanks for your help.
I have recently seen a WINDOWS 3.1 package, which was announced to this group
by Christopher Blencowe (cbb at convex.phazc.uni-heidelberg.de).
It is probably designed for evaluating the density of microtitre plates
(scanned als .BMP files), however, could also do your job.  Price
around 10US$ for the registered version. 
The actual ftp-site was ftp.uni-kl.de:/pub/bio/software/counter.*
The author is Sven Erik Matzen (sven at biochem01.chemie.bio.uni.giessen.de)
Regards, Matthias

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