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przemko at reks.uia.ac.be przemko at reks.uia.ac.be
Tue Nov 22 06:48:00 EST 1994

>I have recently seen a WINDOWS 3.1 package, which was announced to this group
>by Christopher Blencowe (cbb at convex.phazc.uni-heidelberg.de).
>It is probably designed for evaluating the density of microtitre plates
>(scanned als .BMP files), however, could also do your job.  Price
>around 10US$ for the registered version. 
>The actual ftp-site was ftp.uni-kl.de:/pub/bio/software/counter.*
>The author is Sven Erik Matzen (sven at biochem01.chemie.bio.uni.giessen.de)
>Regards, Matthias

Yeah, I have tried that one. There are a few problems with it. First of
all it is in german. A window option proposes english as a dilog version
but that switch does not work.
Secondly, I tried to adapt it to gels and autorads but miserably failed.
Thirdly, I would get GPFs even if that was the only thing running.
On the plus side, the interface is really nice and once it works, I think
that it has a good chance to become a rather popular software.

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