Mac or PC ?

Ola Myklebost olam at radium.uio.no
Mon Nov 21 10:34:45 EST 1994

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> Now with Windows, the two environments are both user friendly.

There is still a long way to go for DOS/windows. Setting up networks,
internet access etc is tremendously more complex compared to the mac (but
you may have experts to help you?). My experience in a mixed milieu of
Macs and PCs is that the PC need much more user support. Myself I switched
to Mac when I had struggled with my PC for some months after getting
Internet access.

> But today, is there more good useful software in genetics for PC/Windows or  
> for Mac ? And what about tomorrow ? 

In molecular biology I think there is more for the Mac, but colleagues
doing linkage say that there are few if any linkage programs for macs.

The future will show which system prevails, DOS already seems to be on the
way out, even from Microsofts point of view. Whether the new Intel-based
OSes will be cost-effective is still totally unknown. In the future you
probably won't have to be stuck with a processor if you like a specific
interface, the new RISC-based machines like the PowerMAc will probably (at
least future versions) be able to run many OSes.


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