Prophet Anonymous FTP/WWW/Gopher Announcement

Carl Foeller cfoeller at bbn.com
Sat Nov 19 01:25:47 EST 1994

The National Institutes of Health and BBN Systems and Technologies
announce the availability of The Prophet Software System via Anonymous
FTP and its World Wide Web (WWW) and Gopher servers.

The software can be obtained via anonymous FTP.

  *   To access Prophet via anonymous FTP, type:         
             ftp www-prophet.bbn.com

             Login as user "anonymous"
             Use your email address as the password

	International guests should contact the Prophet Hotline
	at (617) 873-2669 or send electronic mail to 
	prophet-info at bbn.com.

Information about Prophet is available through its WWW and Gopher

  *  The URL for the Prophet WWW server Home Page is:


  *  The Gopher Server can be accessed at the address below. The Gopher
     Server can also be reached through the Prophet WWW server Home

             gopher www-prophet.bbn.com

What is Prophet?

  The Prophet System is a UNIX-workstation software package that gives
  researchers a wide range of computing capabilities.  One of Prophet's
  greatest assets is its graphical user interface.  Employing the
  latest advances in software technology, Prophet lets you store,
  analyze, and present Data Tables, Graphs, Statistical Analyses, and
  offers Sequence Analysis(*) capabilities.
  Molecular modeling capabilities, currently available with the command
  line interface, will soon be supported under the graphical user
  Prophet is sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources at
  the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The NIH sponsors the
  continuing improvement of the Prophet System as part of its effort to
  promote advancement in the life sciences, in research, and in the
  application of biotechnology.

What Hardware Does Prophet Support?

  Prophet is available on SUN 4/SPARC workstations running both SunOS
  and Solaris, and DEC/RISC workstations running Ultrix.

  Prophet will soon be available for the Silicon Graphics and

If you need additional information or have questions regarding
Prophet, call us on the Prophet Hotline (617) 873-2669 or send
electronic mail to prophet-info at bbn.com.

The Prophet Distribution Group
at BBN Systems and Technologies
10 Moulton Street
M/S 6/2A
Cambridge, MA 02138

(*) Sequence analysis tools are scheduled to be released in June, 1995.

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