ABI Support software for automated sequencing

Tim Littlejohn tim at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
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>Hi folks,
>I am setting up a large ABI facility for genome sequencing.  We have a very
>good existing set-up for radioactive sequencing using DNAstar programs and some
>handy home-made database management software.  However, we are a trifle lacking
>in the ABI support.  Plans are for several more machines, so I need to evaluate
>software now.

>We have had to deal with the same problem in our core lab.  I have found the
>ABI software totally inadequate for sequence assembly and far too time
>consuming for even routine file management of sequences.  We have been using
>"Sequencher" from Gene Codes Co. (Ann Arbor, MI) which works fairly well.

Anyone care to comment on the Staden Package ([x]bap/[x]gap) for this feature?
We do not generate a lot of trace data so we don't have too problems with
handling this sort of information, but I know other groups do.


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