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Wed Nov 16 09:22:30 EST 1994

In reply to my question related to color plots with RIBBON
Mark Israel wrote:

>   Using Frodo to color black-and-white ribbons pictures!  That's a new
>one!  You can't do it with Frodo/Tom, I'm afraid.  (We never got around
>to implementing color PostScript.)

>   Why don't you make color ribbons pictures the way the rest of the
>world does -- with Mike Carson's program?  Mike Carson's e-mail address
>is carson at gtx.cmc.uab.edu .  Many other programs (including two that you
>already have, Insight II and Rasmol) can display in a ribbons format,
>but Mike Carson's is the classic.

1/ I did not mention the use Frodo to color postcript files!!
but to display .mol files creatd with RIBBON
On the other hand color Postcript files exist (e.g Molscript)

Mike Carson's program is probably good but certainly not universal and 
despite the fact that I can display ribbons with Insight, programs such 
as RIBBON (J. Priestle) or Molscript (P. Kraulis) are probably the best ones
to highlight secondary structures in proteins. Just have a look to issues
of Biochemistry, Eur.J. Biochem, Protein Eng..........

Color plots created with Ribbon (as vectorized files i.e .mol files) and 
displayed with Frodo are probably the most beautiful ribbon representation 
I have ever seen. Postcript files are just black and white with Ribbon and 
are for printed outputs.

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