Biochem/Mol Bio software wanted

Stefan Unger sunger at crl.com
Wed Nov 16 13:05:19 EST 1994

: > I am in need of the names of DOS, Windows or OS/2 software and the 
: > address of the companies that make them, that are for Biochemistry or 
: > Molecular Biology. My University Computing Centre and Computer Shop are 
: > less than cooperative.

I am a dealer and have a catalogue of software for both PC and MAC in the 
following areas:
* protein visualization and analysis (mac)
* graphics, statistics, measurement, graphing, curve fitting, image 
analysis (win)
* combinatorial mutagenesis/directed protein evolution (win)
* PCR primer design (mac)
* gene construction (mac)
* structure drawing (win, mac)
* dosage formulation design (dos)
* complete molecular modeling (win, mac)
* convert oracle db to chemical capability (various)
* quantum mechanics and molecular modeling (win)
* lipophilicity and solubility (win)
* protein secondary structure analysis (win)
* polymer modeling (win)
* databases of physical and spectral properties (win)
* information integration software (win)

Please e-mail or send _full_ mailing address and phone numbers and I will 
send information.  Commercial/Academic/Student pricing.  30 day money back 
guarantee. Personal service. Visa/MasterCard. Thanks.

BioSoftware Marketing
4151 Middlefield Rd., Ste 109
Palo Alto, CA 94304-4743
ph: 415-858-0522
fx: 415-858-0521

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