color plots with RIBBON?

Mark Israel misrael at scripps.edu
Tue Nov 15 03:04:47 EST 1994

In a previous article, moreaut at univ-tours.fr (Thierry Moreau) writes:

> I use the RIBBON program by John Priestle to generate drawings of protein
> structures (postscript files). However I would like to have color plots,
> and one possibility is to make vectorized background files (typically eight 
> files are created) and display them with FRODO on Evans and Sutherland 
> systems. 
> I do not have FRODO but we have InsightII (BIOSYM) running on a Silicon 
> Graphics computer [...]
> We also have a Mac with various programs such as Rasmol [...]

   Using Frodo to color black-and-white ribbons pictures!  That's a new
one!  You can't do it with Frodo/Tom, I'm afraid.  (We never got around
to implementing color PostScript.)

   Why don't you make color ribbons pictures the way the rest of the
world does -- with Mike Carson's program?  Mike Carson's e-mail address
is carson at gtx.cmc.uab.edu .  Many other programs (including two that you 
already have, Insight II and Rasmol) can display in a ribbons format,
but Mike Carson's is the classic.

> I remember that a program called BABEL ? could do this kind of 
> interconversion?

   You can ftp Babel from joplin.biosci.arizona.edu, directory pub/Babel,
but I don't know if it does what you want.

misrael at scripps.edu			Mark Israel

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