Strain collection database:any information to help me?

N.Caplet nc11 at ukc.ac.uk
Sun Nov 13 12:37:28 EST 1994

              Strain Collection database

      Hello! My name is Nathalie Caplet. I am a research student in 
Dr. T.R. Hirst's lab. at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England
We work mainly on the secretion/folding of toxins by Vibrio cholera.

      We have quite good strain and plasmid collections in terms of 
contents, but the listings are still on paper and I intend to put it on one 
of our computers (IBM or Mackintosh).

      If anybody has a good strain collection database, I would be grateful
if you could tell me (by e-mail) what you use (a classic database that you have adapted? a special commercial biology database?), what you think about it and   how I might get hold of a similar one.

                              Thank you in advance for your help

                                     Nathalie Caplet

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