Looking for Pep Map Software

Tony Houthaeve houthaeve at embl-heidelberg.de
Sun Nov 13 09:46:38 EST 1994

In article <Roberts_D-111194133311 at riversend.bms.com>, Roberts_D at MSMAIL.BMS.COM (Dan Roberts) writes:
> Does anyone know of any good pepetide mapping software for a MAC?  IBM is
> also ok but MAC is prefered.  I am looking to predict a peptide map from 
> several different enzymes given my protein sequence..>Thanks.>>Dan

MacBioSpec is a very nice one to use for the Mac. It has been written in the
lab of Terry Lee, and it should be available via Sciex, which is a subsidary
of Perkin-Elmer. It also let's you play with mass-fragmentation and so on.
If you'd like to look for masses or peptides in the whole databank, then
a program 'PeptideScan' alias ' PeptideSearch' exists. It can freely be
purchased from the EMBL. Contact : MANN at embl-heidelberg.de !

Good Luck.

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