[Q] Power Macintosh Statistical Analysis Software?

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at uiuc.edu
Fri Nov 11 18:44:06 EST 1994

For those PowerMac users:

Would some of you like to comment on any of the Mac statistical programs
(StatView, JMP, Systat, etc) for the macintosh.  We have been using v. 4
of StatView for macintosh, but having recently made the move to PowerPC,
it no longer works all that well.  Since other companies have released
PowerPC native versions of their products, we were considering giving them
a try.  If anyone out there has made use of the native versions of JMP,
Systat (or others that I have not mentioned), please comment on what you
think of them.  

Most of the stats that we do are pretty basic (ANOVA with a few post-hocs,
some basic histograms, summary descriptives, etc.), so we don't
necessarily need all the bells and whistles.

thanks in advance for any help!


(gotta go get packed for Neuroscience in Miami...where are those swim trunks???)

Jason L. Buberel - University of Illinois
jbuberel at uiuc.edu  - 217.244.0115

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