Need program to evolve characters on tree

K.A. Rice rice at scws11.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 10 18:38:57 EST 1994

I need to find or write a program to evolve characters pseudorandomly 
along a specified tree in the manner of the "Evolve Characters" command 
of MacClade.  That is, given a tree, substitution probabilities, and a 
set of character states, I need to generate a data matrix which is 
consistent with the tree.

I don't think I can use MacClade, because it appears to allow a
maximum of four states per character (in this function), and I need
20-state characters (amino acids).

I also need to be able to specify replacement probabilities and
branch lengths. 

If anyone has source code which can do this, or which would provide 
a starting point for further hacking, I would be most grateful
to learn of it.  


Ken Rice


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