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Jonathan Brecher brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu
Wed Nov 9 23:31:17 EST 1994

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>Jonathan Brecher (jsb at camsci.com) wrote:
>: I still don't understand.  Our standard student price for ChemDraw is $49
>: ($79 international).  This really isn't more than many shareware fees.  Our 
>: non-student educational price for ChemDraw is $149 ($199 international), 
>: which isn't that much either.
>Well, now 'I' am intrigued!  $49.00 for ChemDraw? Is this the full-fledged
>program? Are there any differences between the 'standard student' ChemDraw
>and the 'non-student educational version'? Are we talking about the latest
>ChemDraw version? I have seen ChemDraw sold for upwards of $500.00
>(although I believe this was for a combination of ChemDraw and
>ChemDraw-3D). Are we still talking about the same ChemDraw version? I
>think the highly priced one I am familiar with has a CSC notation in front
>of it. Does this make CSC CHemDraw different from just 'ChemDraw'? If it
>is all the same product we are talking of here, is there an equivalently
>priced 'student' version of ChemDraw-3D? If so I might just be giving
>myself some rather nice christmass presents this year!!!

Hmmm... <deep breath>  Yes.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  <phew>
And if you didn't follow that... ;-}

Seriously, there is no difference.  Same box.  Same contents.  Same version.
Now, we do have a few other products that you might be thinking of:
   CS ChemDraw Pro -- an enhanced version of ChemDraw with features that some
        people need very much, and some people couldn't care less about.  Want
        to export SMILES strings?  No problem.  Want to print out in color?
        Easy.   We are happy to offer the standard version of ChemDraw for 
        those people who don't need -- and don't want to pay for -- extra
        features that they will not use.  US Student price: $99
   CS Chem3D Pro -- a three-dimensional modeling package.  Ball-and-stick,
        wireframe, spacefilling, MM2 energy minimization, molecular mechanics
        (QuickTime Movies, even) and more.  Does NOT do 2-dimensional structure
        drawing, but you can copy-and-paste from ChemDraw to Chem3D to convert
        your structures on the fly.  US Student price: $99
   CS ChemOffice Pro -- a suite containing complete versions of ChemDraw Pro
        and Chem3D Pro, and also including CS ChemFinder Pro.  ChemFinder is
        in information management system that enables you to store 2D and 3D
        chemical structures, search them by substructure, calculate molecular
        weights, percent yields, elemental analyses, etc., etc.  If you want
        to buy ChemDraw Pro and Chem3D Pro, you might as well buy ChemOffice
        Pro instead -- you will get ChemFinder for (essentially) free!
        US Student price: $199

Again, I encourage people to check out our WWW site at http://www.camsci.com
where you will find much more complete information about features and pricing
for all products, with demos, and a bunch of other related stuff, too.

>P.S.: I have just been asked by a colleague (a PC user) whether the same
>deals are available for PC. She would also like to know if there are any
>really big differences between the Mac and the PC versions.

We don't (yet) have Windows versions of Chem3D or ChemFinder, but the deals
for ChemDraw are exactly the same.  The software is exactly the same (or at
least as similar as Windows and Macintosh software can be).  Even the file 
formats are the same, so you can transfer files between the Mac version and
the Windows version.

As (sort of) came up on another thread, we do need a copy of your student ID
to offer you student pricing.  

I hope this is helpful!

Jonathan Brecher
Direct Marketing Manager
Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
jsb at camsci.com

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