Unix-based biological software vs. DOS/Windows-based?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Thu Nov 10 07:36:50 EST 1994

Malcolm L. Carlock (malc at equinox.unr.edu) wrote:
> I am seeking recommendations for Unix-based (preferably on an Intel
> platform) biological software that will allow us at least in some
> degree to migrate away from the purely DOS/Windows and Mac based
> software we're mainly using now.

Noncommercial software (not complete):

- GDE (for multiple sequence alignment, can easily incorporate other
  software packages, e.g. Phylip, FastA)
- DNA Workbench (X version under development, see other threads in this
- DCSE (another multiple sequence editor)

Unix platforms are optimal if the machine is networked since then
you can also use remote databases for identifying genes, database searching
etc. (e.g. with the aid of the mailfasta script).

Not to forget: GCG runs under Unix. The new version 8 has an X interface.


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