Want shareware "ChemDraw-like" program for Mac

Mario R. Tellez matellez at nmsu.edu
Wed Nov 9 20:47:24 EST 1994

Jonathan Brecher (brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu) wrote:
: Derrick C. Mancini <mancini at fysik.uu.se> wrote:
: >In article <39buqb$mgc at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu>, info at camsci.com wrote:
: >> With all this discussion about a "ChemDraw-like" program, is there some 
: >> problem perceived with the original ChemDraw that everyone is trying to 
: >> find an alternative?  I certainly can't begrudge anyone their personal 
: >> preferences, but if anyone knows of any problems with ChemDraw, then by 
: >> all means TELL us, so that we can fix them.  ChemDraw has grown over the 
: >> last eight years primarily as a result of customer input, and if we are 
: >> not meeting your needs as well as we can, please let us know!

: >Uh, sure, Jonathan.  Price!  I thought that was obvious.  Where you have money
: >in the budget for it, no problem.  But if you are an educational user, and 
: >have to fork out of your own pocket, it is another matter.

: I still don't understand.  Our standard student price for ChemDraw is $49
: ($79 international).  This really isn't more than many shareware fees.  Our 
: non-student educational price for ChemDraw is $149 ($199 international), 
: which isn't that much either.

: Is this the only problem?

: Confused,

: Jonathan Brecher
: Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
: jsb at camsci.com

Well, now 'I' am intrigued!  $49.00 for ChemDraw? Is this the full-fledged
program? Are there any differences between the 'standard student' ChemDraw
and the 'non-student educational version'? Are we talking about the latest
ChemDraw version? I have seen ChemDraw sold for upwards of $500.00
(although I believe this was for a combination of ChemDraw and
ChemDraw-3D). Are we still talking about the same ChemDraw version? I
think the highly priced one I am familiar with has a CSC notation in front
of it. Does this make CSC CHemDraw different from just 'ChemDraw'? If it
is all the same product we are talking of here, is there an equivalently
priced 'student' version of ChemDraw-3D? If so I might just be giving
myself some rather nice christmass presents this year!!!

P.S.: I have just been asked by a colleague (a PC user) whether the same
deals are available for PC. She would also like to know if there are any
really big differences between the Mac and the PC versions.


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