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> Dear collegues,
> I will have to write documents for homepages on www-servers. I am working
> on a Mac and I am interested in html-editors. I know that they exist but I
> do not know what exactly they do and, more important, I do not know where
> to find one on the net.

  A html editor is dedicated to help you in editing html documents (guess
  what ;) ). So at least it should be able to automaticly insert the html
  style informations and  Tag's  and anchors.  If it's more sophisticated 
  it  highlights  anchores,  shows  images in  the Text and  checkes  the
  html syntax.

  There are differend approaches on the Mac. There's an (1) extension to
  the BBEdit program which I haven't tested by now.  (2)  HTML Supertext
  crashes on my system. (3)  HTML  Edit  handles the insertion of Styles
  and  links  but  still is  very rudimental.  The best stuff I've found 
  so far is HTML-Editor. It highlights links, anchors and style 
  informations. Hides them on demand and gives you a bit of an WYSIWYG
  view to vour document.

  You find it on many ftp-sites around the world, e.g:


  the name is


  (Gues the home-page is ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu but .fr is near by)

  Viel Glueck:

  Sebastion Kloska (kloska at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de)

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