Looking for Mac version of RNA fold program

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Tue Nov 8 16:02:05 EST 1994

And following up on my own post, has anyone lately tried to use zuker's
xmfold version 2.2 on a SGI? 

   I've been trying to use your xmfold (2.2) program that I ftp'ed from 
nrcbsa.bio.nrc.ca.  It compiles cleanly on my Indigo2 R4K/IRIX 5.2 
except for some warnings from the uopt:

uopt: Warning: u-code 3.10 instead of 3.18

but when I try to run lrna or crna, after the splash/intro screen, 
I get:
   Nucleic Acid Sequences", R. F. Doolittle ed.                                 
   Methods in Enzymology, 183, 281-306 (1990)                                   
                   Press <return> to continue ...
 Enter run type
     0  Regular run (default)
     1  Save run
     2  Continuation run
unknown type in lio: illegal error number 204
apparent state: unit 6 named 
last format: list io
lately writing (null) formatted external IO
*** Execution Terminated (204) ***

   I get this after compiling with -O, -O2, -O2 -mips2, as well as using
the binary from the tar file.
   As must be clear, I'm no fortran wiz, so what might be the problem?


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