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In article <38v1ip$dcq at falcon.ccs.uwo.ca> apeters at julian.uwo.ca (a.a. peters) writes:
>Subject: Rasmol
>From: apeters at julian.uwo.ca (a.a. peters)
>Date: 30 Oct 1994 02:48:57 GMT

>So....RASMOL is a great looking program.

>        But, are there molec. files to use with them that are available
>to the public at large.... ie.  Could someone mention a site?
>        I poked around Brookhaven P.D.B. but couldn't find the
>appropriate files.

Try going to the NIH server - they have a search set up to pull your requested
PDB file.
By the way,  RASMOL can be set up as an external viewer for NCSA Mosaic or
Netscape for Windows (Define MIME type CHEM/X-MOL to use RASMENU.EXE).

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