DNA analysis software

Richard James r.james at uea.ac.uk
Tue Nov 8 08:18:32 EST 1994

> I am interested in opinions regarding utility of various DNA sequence
> manipulation and analysis programs for both Mac and Windows platforms.  I am
> interested in flexibility and value, so please include prices if known. 
> Finally, how does one obtain DNA Strider and what is its cost?  Thanks.


We use a networked version of the Lasergene software from DNASTAR.
This can be installed on one Mac as a Server and then on as many
Mac clients as you wish. The number of actual users (three in our
case at any time) is then determined by how much you pay for the 

We find it an excellent piece of software for sequence assembly
and analysis. I am not sure what the US price is but I would guess about $5000 for a three user network.

Richard James

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