Has ENTREZ Changed?

Eric Cabot ecec at quads.uchicago.edu
Tue Nov 8 08:54:44 EST 1994

In article <9411081203.AA04866 at bioch.ox.ac.uk> cdl at bioch.ox.ac.uk (Craig Livingstone) writes:
>A colleague of mine noted this morning that a number of papers he
>previously knew to be included in the Medline subset of the Entrez
>database were no longer there.   A number of papers I would have
>previously expected to find in Entrez, I have recently only been 
>able to retrieve using either BIDS or Medline itself.   Is the subset
>of Medline in Entrez being trimmed?   If so this would be a great 

The answer to your question is YES! The medline part of Entrez 13.0
is smaller than in Entrez 12.0. The reason given to network Entrez
administrators was that the soon-to-be-released CD ROM  version was
being inflated to 3 disks and NCBI doesn't want to go to 4 disks 
before 1996.  

If you are using the networked version then reconfigure it
to use bigentrezmed which is a larger subset of medline than
Entrez 13.0

This announcement was circulated to Nentrez administrators late 
last week. I am a little surprised that *your* administrator
didn't inform you and your colleagues--but heck, we are only
the scientists, not people of the computer cloth.

Eric Cabot

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