Akira Kihara akihara at FUJIMI.HOSEI.AC.JP
Tue Nov 8 05:55:40 EST 1994

At  4:08 PM 94.11.4 +0000, Peter Kulmburg wrote:
>I will have to write documents for homepages on www-servers. I am working
>on a Mac and I am interested in html-editors. I know that they exist but I
>do not know what exactly they do and, more important, I do not know where
>to find one on the net.
>Could you please help me with some hints? Thank you very much!

Ref From InfoMac #135
>Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 11:56:44 -0700
>From: ace at tidbits.com (Adam C. Engst)
>Subject: [*] HTML Editor 1.0, for creating Web pages
>HTML Editor is a semi-WYSIWYG editor for an HTML document. HTML Editor
>- a Macintosh SE/30, Mac II, or other Macintosh with a 68020-compatible CPU.
>- System 7 or higher.
>- at least 2 Megabytes RAM. A larger partition may be needed if you are
>running in greater
>than 16 bit color (millions of colors in the Monitors Control Panel).
>- simple text editing.
>- insertion of common HTML tags through button clicks, menu selections, and
>key strokes.
>- styled text to indicate styles a browser may use when viewing a document.
>These styles can be edited.
>- undo and redo of basic tag insertion.
>- editable palette of user tags.
>- single key strokes for insertion of HTML escape codes for composed
>- find and replace commands for text editing.
>- edit list of URLs from the current document.
>- setting of a root directory for the URL of a local file.
>- standard file dialog for constructing the URL of a local file.
>- switch to a browser such as Mosaic or MacWeb with the click of a button.
>Switching to Mosaic 2.0 or MacWeb will open a browse window for the current
>- hide tags for a quick document preview.
>- restyle complete document.
>- automatic styling of documents from other applications.
>- conversion of UNIX and DOS text files to Macintosh text.
>- conversion of non-ASCII characters from a text file or the clipboard
>to HTML escape codes for composed characters.
>[Archived as /info-mac/text/html-editor-10.hqx; 544K]

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