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I responded recently to someone also enquiring about this. I ran the 2nd
year Medicine and Science Physiology labs in Auckland, New Zealand in
1987/88 while our colleagues in Dunedin New Zealand (Prof Tony McKnight
and Michael McKnight) were developing MacLab. We were a test site for the
system. The price was about 1/4 of the Tektronics and Grass instruments it
replaced (2 channel scope, 4 channel chart recorder, isolated stimulator +
signal conditioners and bridges to accept a wide variety of transducers).
The students took to it very quickly.

I have been away 5 years now. The system has become more sophisticated
since (probably more expensive).  I have seen a studen data-acquisition
system in the Physiology Labs at the University of Cambridge in the UK
that look primitive by comparison. I would highly recommend the MacLab
system, even though I have not done a survey of the alternatives (MacLab
was the first).

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