Rob Harper harper at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 2 05:14:47 EST 1994

>As to what files to use...hmmmm...PDB files I've recently downloaded via
>TurboGopher (eg. 2BPF.full for DNA polymerase ß) work fine on my system.
>Could it be that the files listed as x.full need to be stripped of
>headers, biblio and the like for them to run on your platform?

One of the best places to get pdb files is at the following URL


It is called "Molecules R Us". If you are using Mosaic to access this
web site and you have Rasmol running on your Unix box then you can
create a .mailcap file in your home directory something like.

chemical/x-pdb; /usr/local/bin/rasmol %s

and when Mosaic comes across a file with the .pbd extention then it
will call up Rasmol to display the molecule on screen. The file is
loaded into /tmp and you can quite happily rotate the image to 
your hearts content. Works much the same was as mosaic calling up xv
to dispaly .gif files.


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