Help on BLAST searches

Seyed A Alavizadeh alavizad at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Sat Nov 5 14:18:20 EST 1994

im doing a presentation on DNA sequencing and its uses and i was hoping 
to give a description of database searches.  ive used BLAST before in my 
research, but unfortunately i never really understood what was going on.  
id appreciate it if someone out there could provide me with a short 
summary (their own or a reference which contains one or an FTP site) of the 
BLAST algorithm and the numbers that are returned with a search (score, expect, 
etc.) in language that your typical first year mol bio grad student with 
little background in statistics could understand.  ive looked back 
through some of the references, but i found them just as confusing.  id 
really appreciate any response.

john darling
ps. the presentation is on tuesday...

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