EndNote 2.0 Price?

Tim Steffens tims at uidaho.edu
Sat Nov 5 14:43:14 EST 1994

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akihara at FUJIMI.HOSEI.AC.JP (Akira Kihara) wrote:

> Now a days, it is getting expensive to keep software fresh,
> since the up-grade costs too much, in some case.
> Today, I have received the up-grade information for EndNote Plus 2.0
> (Mac) from my version 1.3. The Japanese "authorized" dealer
> bill us $200 (20,000 yen)!
> I am thinking that I have better to buy the up-grade or even new one from
> other country. Since I do not want to consume time for getting more money.
> Could you please let me know the up-grade price in US or else where.
I paid $99 plus some amount for shipping and handling. This includes
EndLink 2.0 and the new plug-in module for Word 6.0 when it becomes
available. I believe it is worth the upgrade :). You may want to contact
Niles and Assoc. directly, check the manual or AOL.

Good Luck!

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