Want shareware "ChemDraw-like" program for Mac

Steven Zikopoulos szikopou at superior.carleton.ca
Fri Nov 4 01:16:45 EST 1994

In <39buqb$mgc at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu> brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu (Jonathan Brecher) writes:

>problem perceived with the original ChemDraw that everyone is trying to 
>find an alternative?  I certainly can't begrudge anyone their personal 
>preferences, but if anyone knows of any problems with ChemDraw, then by 
>all means TELL us, so that we can fix them.  ChemDraw has grown over the last 
>eight years primarily as a result of customer input, and if we are not meeting
>your needs as well as we can, please let us know!

>Back to the original question, there are demos of CS ChemDraw for SGI and
>Sun machines running X-windows (and Macs and Windows machines, too) available
>by anonymous ftp from ftp.camsci.com.  They will also shortly be available by
>WWW at http://www.camsci.com (most of the domos are already linked into our
>Web server).

the original poster wanted an application that drew 2D molecular
representations on a Mac platform.  i suggested chem-edit (freeware
(1989) by NAB Gray).  

>I hope this information is helpful.

>Jonathan Brecher
>Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
>jsb at camsci.com

>Do I really need a disclaimer?
Steven Zikopoulos <szikopou at ccs.carleton.ca>

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