Gopher for OSF/1

risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
Fri Nov 4 04:54:40 EST 1994

Dear Gurus,

- I'm just trying to install Gopher (client) on my new Alpha OSF/1 machine.
- I downloaded the last Unix version (gopher2.1alpha) from U. Minnesota
- I modified the files Makefile.config and conf.h as indicated
- I launched make ... and got an error at the link step because of 
  unresolved references: Gtxt, Gcatd, Gtxlocale, Gtxopen
- however, as far as I can see, these routines are in Locale.c

Did anybody experienced the same problem? Maybe a small bug in Makefile?

Thank you,


Jean-Loup Risler                     Tel:  (33 1) 69 82 31 34
CNRS                                 Fax:  (33 1) 69 07 49 73
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire	     Email: risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
91198 Gif sur Yvette Cedex  France    

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