Want shareware "ChemDraw-like" program for Mac

Jonathan Brecher brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu
Thu Nov 3 19:21:31 EST 1994

In article <39avlg$cq2 at nof.abdn.ac.uk>, u02dg <u02dg at nof.abdn.ac.uk> wrote:
>: Is there a Windows version or related package ftpable anywhere?
>I think there's one available called hyperchem (there's a copy of it in our
>department) but I'm not sure if it's shareware or not.

Hyperchem is commercial software, published by Hypercube (info at hyper.com).
It is not really comparable to ChemDraw in that it does not do 2-dimensional
structure drawing, only 3-dimensional modeling (but it does modeling VERY 

>How about one for X-windows? Preferably which will dump out PostScript format
>images for inclusion to other documents (e.g. FrameMaker/LaTeX).

Without trying to beat a dead horse, let me just say, "ChemDraw does this."

With all this discussion about a "ChemDraw-like" program, is there some 
problem perceived with the original ChemDraw that everyone is trying to 
find an alternative?  I certainly can't begrudge anyone their personal 
preferences, but if anyone knows of any problems with ChemDraw, then by 
all means TELL us, so that we can fix them.  ChemDraw has grown over the last 
eight years primarily as a result of customer input, and if we are not meeting
your needs as well as we can, please let us know!

Back to the original question, there are demos of CS ChemDraw for SGI and
Sun machines running X-windows (and Macs and Windows machines, too) available
by anonymous ftp from ftp.camsci.com.  They will also shortly be available by
WWW at http://www.camsci.com (most of the domos are already linked into our
Web server).

I hope this information is helpful.

Jonathan Brecher
Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
jsb at camsci.com

Do I really need a disclaimer?

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