Unix-based biological software vs. DOS/Windows-based?

Malcolm L. Carlock malc at equinox.unr.edu
Thu Nov 3 19:28:57 EST 1994

I am seeking recommendations for Unix-based (preferably on an Intel
platform) biological software that will allow us at least in some
degree to migrate away from the purely DOS/Windows and Mac based
software we're mainly using now.

I know about Unix/X-based Entrez and some other packages, but am also
seeking viable Unix-based replacements for PCGENE, OLIGO, and the
COMOS Confocal microscope management package, among others.  Good
public-domain packages are of interest as well as commercial packages.

Having gone through yet another particuarly nightmarish instance of
the perennial DOS/Windows carousel of crashed Windows, viruses,
shortages of DOS memory etc., the severe productivity and support
problems that are inherent in Windows/DOS are making a move to Unix
in this area look even better than it has in the past.

The Unix systems in wide use elsewhere in our campus generally stay
up and running for weeks and months at a time, with their users getting
to do actual work most of the time and not have to deal constantly with
the various silly DOS/Windows instabilities.  Our campus has on-site
Unix sysadmin support, so Unix administration support is not an issue
for us.

We will of course be checking into various products from this end, but
any recommendations, information, cautionary tales etc. along these lines
would be greatly appreciated.  Please email any responses and I will
summarize to the net.


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