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Thu Nov 3 16:42:23 EST 1994

ARC++, Version 2.0 Eliminates Unnecessary 
Recompilations -- Increases Productivity Up To 15%
C and C++ Users Now Have Control
Landover, MD -- ARSoftware announced today the release 
of ARC++, Version 2.0, the first C/C++ development tool 
that improves productivity by eliminating the unnecessary 
recompilations that result from header file editing.  This 
single feature gives the user virtual control over one of the 
most time consuming C and C++ requirements, but Version 
2.0 also provides over 30 extensions that further streamline 
program development, including: exportable classes that 
eliminate the need for header files; and intelligent macros 
that provide encapsulated code generation.  ARC++ is easy 
to integrate with existing software development systems and 
dramatically increases productivity while reducing delays 
and frustration.  

ARC++ provides immediate benefits for ongoing 
development projects.  With a few minor adjustments to the 
existing Make or Project files,  ARC++ automatically 
analyzes if a header file change affects previously compiled 
modules and alters the Make process accordingly, giving the 
user virtual control over recompiles.  Eliminating unwanted 
recompiles is especially beneficial when a coding task 
involves complex class libraries.
Exportable classes and packages in ARC++ produce 
cleaner, more readable and easier to maintain code by 
eliminating user-written header files, allowing integrated 
class definitions, and modularizing the development of 
function libraries.  

ARC++'s intelligent macro capability reduces coding time 
by automatically analyzing class definitions; they can loop, 
branch, and access the parse tree/symbol table to generate 
code based on previous declarations.  Defined within C++'s 
block structure, these macros are capable of being inherited 
(unlike C preprocessor macros).  Callback macros in 
multiple base classes ensure that every derived class has the 
appropriate support code generated, making it unnecessary 
to hand code.

Some of the many time-saving extensions include:

Overloaded enumerators - Bound function pointers - Fully 
prototyped Vararg functions - Automatic functions - Arrays 
with bounds - Modify detection - User-defined operators - 
Combination operators - User-defined modifiers - Hidden 

"ARC++ provides the technology, features and extensions 
users need to quickly become more productive.  The leaner, 
more workable code eliminates a lot of the frustrating 
delays and breaks in concentration that are so costly and 
time consuming.  In very little time, many of the routine 
tasks performed by senior personnel can be performed by 
others, allowing the more experienced personnel to perform 
on a higher, more efficient level.  ARC++ will also make it 
easier for the novice to learn the C and C++ language," 
stated S.P.S. Anand, President and CEO of ARSoftware.


Introductory pricing for ARC++ is $129 (list $249) for 
DOS and Macintosh, and $199 (list $340) for Unix.  Pricing 
includes 60 days of free technical support and a 60-day 
money back guarantee.

Upgrade pricing for existing users is $29 for DOS and 
Macintosh, and $39 for Unix.

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