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|edu (David Samols) writes:
|>We are looking for a on-line database where we can search binding motifs of
|>transcription factors for our promoter sequence.  Can anyone suggest such a
|>server to which we can send our sequence?
|We would be also very interested. Indeed, a kind of PROSITE but
|for transcription factors would be great. Something that would
|look at my DNA sequence and propose some binding site for
|transcriptional factors...

I recently announced our database TRANSFAC which also includes a set
of consensus sites in its SITES table, mainly based upon the 
Faisst & Meyer compilation in NAR 20, 3-26 (1992). The consensus
sites can be identified through their ID (<factor name>$cons) or
by the word "consensus" in the description field (DE).
Try the ftp site ftp.gbf-braunschweig.de (IP

Hope this helps.

Edgar Wingender.


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