Want shareware "ChemDraw-like" program for Mac

Steven Zikopoulos szikopou at superior.carleton.ca
Wed Nov 2 15:48:29 EST 1994

In <397mps$3g0 at freenet3.scri.fsu.edu> dbradley at freenet1.scri.fsu.edu (David Bradley) writes:

>Steven Zikopoulos (szikopou at superior.carleton.ca) wrote:
>: In <reuber-0211940341090001 at> reuber at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu (Kent Reuber) writes:

>: chem-edit is a _freeware_ program available for the mac via ftp.  it
>: was written some time ago (1989) so i don't think it supports colour if
>: you need it.  i find it quite good and easy to use.  it will even
>: create 3-d models from your 2d image.

>Is there a Windows version or related package ftpable anywhere?

not sure. i'm not running on a windows platform.  i would guess there
is but finding it is another matter.

Steven Zikopoulos <szikopou at ccs.carleton.ca>

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