antigenic peptides

Sebastian W. Bunka seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at
Wed Nov 2 02:20:08 EST 1994

Kolbing Frank (kolbing at fmi.ch) wrote:
: I am searching for programs able to reveal antigenic sites in a given
: protein sequence.
I know of two programs that include this:
Name=predict.exe  [ 2Nov93, 82kb]
Path=9/EMBnet BioInformation Resource EMBL/Software/dos/predict
Name=sqaid381.exe  [ 2Nov93, 208kb]
Path=9/EMBnet BioInformation Resource EMBL/Software/dos/sqaid381
Both are PD/Shareware and are using the antigenicity calculation
proc. of Welling et.al 1985. Predict shows a nice graph on this,
but lacks output other than plotter.
Seqaid does a lot on nucleic acid analysis, as well as protein analysis.
The output is ascii graphics, but also raw data. These can be easily
imported in gnuplot or ACE/gr (or other) for high quality graphics
Hope this helps, Sebastian

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